Shop & Gallery Marmari

The Busstop gallery presents:

Daily Art Beach Gallery

Since early summer 2009 we opened the Daily Art Beach Gallery in Marmari village. Here is an impression and please also have a look at our Jewelry section to get a taste of our collection:

How to find this gallery? Very simple: please take the Marmari turn on the main road. Then turn left onto the beach boulevard. We are just around the corner! A big parking lot is just 50 meters away along the beach boulevard.


The tree of Art ... or The Art of tree?
Since the village of Marmari seriously lacks a village square ... Sol created one in this gallery!


Our artist Sol, satisfied with the shop and his work!

Search compare and try it on!

Always in for a little chat

A large collection of Jewelry and paintings





And please don't forget to check out the sculptures!






On our television set you will see a constant flow of previous works by our artist Sol ... and all pieces on there are sold, sorry!