Who is Sol?

A little introduction to Sol, the artist behind the paintings and workshops we offer.

Sol's origin is Austria. After his normal school years he decided to do arts. After leaving Austria he travelled to many different countries and finally settled on Kos.

Sol's working relationships are based on trust. This gives him the opportunity to work like he does. Kos suits his artistic mind. Here he found the peace and quiet, the inspiration and the people who value his work. Some of the people are working and/or living on this island, others are tourists who grasp his point immediately.

Although all artistic and ethic values are important, nothing can be done without a proper dinner, the love of his wife Nel and a roof over their heads. To achieve this people must buy his paintings and hundreds of paintings have been sold over the last seasons. Some people will say he sells his artwork too cheaply when you consider the time spent creating it but Kurt's philosophy is that original works of art should be available to all. It's an honest price for an honest piece of work.

Sol is also much in demand around Kos for his individual designs and furniture and has held 3 exhibitions in 2003, 2 in 2004, 3 in 2005 and one in 2006, all of which were celebrated in the media (t.v., radio and newspapers). Some of his work is permanently displayed in one of the most famous chill out places on Kos, take a look at TamTam beach