What to know first

The pictures Sol made are listed by size of frame. The information you get is a small picture of a painting, the title, the price and sometimes the sign "SOLd".

Please select a size on the left and you will be presented with those art works.

Just look at the picture and see if you like it and want to order. It's all up to you now!

Order information

To buy a picture you just have to send us an email or call us at +30 22420 41671.

Please provide us with the name of the painting(s) and your contact information (i.e. telephone number, email address).

We will deliver one week after payment has been received at our bank account.

Delivery information

Paintings are acrylic on canvas, and we send the painting's on frame or rolled.

Payment information

Bank: National Bank
Address: R. Fereou & A Ioannidi
City/land: Kos - Greece
Account No: 383/946027-67
IBAN: GR2301103830000038394602767
Name: Bezemer Nelly Hilde Jack.